Hello. I'm Thom Bullock, I make this site. Here is a picture of me.

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A quick word about RSS

RSS is the best way to read the internet.

In our present algorithmic dystopia, many services present themselves as ways to aggregate content you have opted into and present it organized by date. In general, they don't actually do this, they decide which content will keep you using their service the longest and make you most likely to interact with their ads. This optimises for the worst content.

RSS, by comparison, really does take all those sites you've specifically subscribed to, and presents a consolidated list of their posts, ordered by date. There are a myriad of RSS readers out there, I particularly like Fiery Feeds and NetNewsWire.

This site offers four kinds of RSS feeds:

While "all" is probably the one most useful at the moment, I live in hope that someday feed readers aimed at short posts and photo posts (a la micro.blog) will enable better ways of sharing our lives than the current morass. I should rewrite that sentence to be less pretentious.